sala de Lectura

Sala de Lectura

sala de lectura


  • Modern conference space
  • 50 seats in conference style
  • 40 seats in seminar style with tables

Room Setup Options

Our Facilities Coordinator is happy to work with you to design you ideal floor plan which can also include the following:

  • Professional audio-visual equipment, such as TV monitor with video conference equipment.
  • Laptop available for on-screen presentations.

Complimentary audio visual equipment

  • Podium
  • 1 microphone
  • TV monitor with video conference equipment
  • Laptop
  • Internet usage (in-house WiFi)

Security & Parking

Security is at the discretion of the venue and charged to the hirer. Ample on-site car parking is charged $1 flat fee per car/day.

Please contact our Coordinator to arrange a mutually convenient appointment to inspect our venue or to tailor an event to your specific requirements.